Enum List DropDown Control

I've been wanting to try this concept out for awhile, and I finally had a reasonable opportunity.  The idea was to slap a System.ComponentModel.Description attribute onto each field of an Enum, and then bind a dropdown list directly to the Enum. I got it working and the code is pretty... [Read More]

DotNetNuke - First Impressions

I worked with DotNetNuke for the first time tonight.  I must say, I'm really impressed!  Although I had some trouble during the install, I got past that and then jumped right into creating a portal. The page editing features are outstanding.  I was especially blown away at the hyperlink feature. ... [Read More]

Error Installing DotNetNuke 4.8.0

I'm setting up DotNetNuke for a project and I got an error trying to install the database. Installing Database - Version 4.4.0...FAILURE 400 - Thread was being aborted. I couldn't find any help anywhere.  I think I figured it out though.  I was using the custom installation option and I'd... [Read More]
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Never-ending video card woes

I gave up on the ATI cards.  I went back to the GeForce 6200LE PCIe card that I bought for my XP machine.  This gives me dual monitor using the DVI-I and the VGA ports.  Then I bought a GeForce 6200OC PCI card to get to 3 (or 4) screens.... [Read More]

Working for the man

Rob Eberhardt's Corporate-vs-Consultant post has prompted me to talk about my experience with self-employment vs. employment. I did the self-employment thing from 1999 to 2003.  I was single during most of that time, and had no kids.  Then I came to work for Business Integration Group.  BIG was at around... [Read More]