I think I just executed the fastest enhancement ever!  Here's my VPN status window as evidence:

Fastest Enhancement Ever!

During this 15:30 connectivity, I added support for specifying a Country on job postings on the DotNetNuke project I worked on this past weekend.  Here were the steps involved:

  1. SVN Update
  2. Edit the DB schema to provide a CountryCode column, defaulting to US
  3. Create an Enum for CountryCode, with descriptions for the 3 countries that needed to be in the list
  4. Update the Fetch stored procedure to return that column
  5. Update the Save stored procedure to accept the column and persist it
  6. Update the List stored procedure to return the column
  7. Edit the business object to give it the property for CountryCode
  8. Edit the ManageJobs.ascx to provide an EnumList control for the CountryCode and display/save the value
  9. Test
  10. SVN Commit

EnumList and DotNetNuke made this happen.