Well, I just broke my record again I think.


It's been 17 minutes since I finished the last enhancement.  Within this 17 minutes, I blogged about my previous enhancement and then completed a new enhancement.

There's a 'Submit Resume' link next to each job's position number now.  When you click on that, it passes the position number to the Submit Resume page and it pre-fills the message body of the form with a statement that the person is interested in the noted position number.

DotNetNuke made this really easy to do, with the following code:

   1: <a href="<%#NavigateUrl(55, "", "PositionNumber", DirectCast(Container.DataItem, JobInfo).PositionNumber) %>">Submit Resume</a>
   1: If Not IsNothing(Request.Params("PositionNumber")) Then
   2:     txtBody.Text = "I am interested in position number " & Request.Params("PositionNumber")
   3: End If

I had to go into Debug mode to make sure that I'd be able to get "PositionNumber" from the querystring.  I did, and it worked like a charm.

I am really digging DotNetNuke!