Well, ANTOnline sucks.  They really suck, and I'm not afraid to say it!

Back on Jan 25, I said that I had submitted an RMA to them after talking with BFG Tech.  This was actually the 2nd RMA I submitted to ANTOnline.  The first was because there was no DVI-I to VGA dongle included like there should have been.  But the one I submitted on Jan 25 was because BFG told me that the card I got was probably bad.  I haven't heard back from ANTOnline yet.

I called them, I emailed them, I submitted their online form, and I submitted the RMA.  I've never heard anything from them.  I called them again and voiced my frustration but they could not help me at all, claiming the RMA department was completely separately.  But to not get a response at all?  Simply ridiculous.

Never buy from ANTOnline.com.  They suck.  I wouldn't be surprised if they re-shrink-wrapped the card that they sent me after someone else had returned it.  That would explain both the bad card and the missing dongle.

BFG Tech is awesome!  They were very nice on the phone and in email.  They were sympathetic of my issues with ANTOnline and they took the RMA themselves.  I dropped the bad card off at UPS on Jan 29, around 6:30pm; I got the new card today.  And it seems to work wonderfully. <p>I think I finally have all 3 monitors working just like I expected…</p> <p>OOPS, Hold the presses!  No, it’s not working!  As I was literally just typing that I have all 3 monitors working, I got some errant noise on the 3rd screen.  Well, dang!  I guess I’ll be contacting BFG Tech again.</p> <p>This might be to the point where I have to just throw in the towel and go back to 2 monitors.  But, I really, really miss that 3rd screen.  I wonder if taking a stick of memory out would resolve the problem.  I’ve seen some references to people doing that in Vista.</p>