Get a Grip Folks! Is the sale really worth killing someone?

This is sad.  This is tragic.  This is pathetic. A Wal-Mart worker was killed in a stampede today.  And the shoppers didn’t seem to care. I've been on [sic] line since yesterday morning.   They kept shopping after being told someone had been killed.  This wasn’t some frail old lady... [Read More]

Two female polar bears won’t mate: Zookeepers Baffled

Zookeepers had been baffled by 2 polar bears that wouldn’t mate.  They finally got to the bottom of the matter by putting one of the bears under anesthesia and looking at its, well, bottom.  They found that the male polar bear isn’t a male at all—he is a female.  That... [Read More]

Jurassic Park, Here We Come

Scientists are mapping the DNA of the woolly mammoth.  They’re talking about how they could bring the animal back from extinction.  Seriously?  You saw that movie, right?  Yeah, sure, they were dinosaurs, but my guess is that a woolly mammoth could eat you too.  Maybe extinction was their ploy for... [Read More]

Silverlight Airlines with a ViewModel

Not long after I joined Microsoft, I was looking at the Silverlight Airlines code sample.  I was new to Silverlight, so I used this demo as a way to help learn Silverlight.  The demo app is pretty cool, and ScottGu showed it off at Mix, so I had seen it... [Read More]