I saw Barry Sanders say on ESPN the other day, in response to a question from comedian Kevin James, that Brett Favre is the Jets’ only option for quarterback next year.

Seriously?  I think Favre’s had a great career, but from what I’ve seen just by playing fantasy football for a handful of years, Favre throws a LOT of interceptions.  No disrespect to Favre, but I have a really hard time believing that there isn’t a single other human being on the planet that is a better (available) quarterback than Favre.

Out of all of the college quarterbacks that are graduating this year and vying for NFL contracts: none of them would be better than Favre?

How many billions of people are there in the world?  And there are only like 30 people in the world qualified to be a starting NFL quarterback?  Really?  That just seems impossible.  There has to be someone.