Making Edge Usable

I’ve been setting up several new machines recently. As part of this, I’ve found myself repeatedly going through my Windows post-install setup steps. I finally decided to write them down so that I can have more consistent results. [Read More]
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Reusing Microsoft Teams Meeting Chats

Many times, a chat begins during a Teams meeting and the conversation continues long after the meeting concludes–sometimes even for weeks or months. When recurring meetings are set up, the same meeting chat is reused for each occurrence, and this keeps the chat momentum in the right place. But did... [Read More]

Recommended iPhone Settings

My father-in-law’s iPhone recently died. More specifically, the screen died while the rest of the phone remained functional. After a few service attempts, Apple finally replaced his phone. Unfortunately though, the representative at the Best Buy (Apple service center) chose to set his replacement phone up as a new phone... [Read More]

StatsWorld Fantasy Football

Back in 2003, I had the pleasure of contributing to an exciting project: StatsWorld Fantasy Football. I had been a passive fan of American Football my whole life, but I’d never studied the game and I’d never participated in fantasy sports. Working on StatsWorld gave me the opportunity to learn... [Read More]

Custom Search Engines in Edge

I’ve recently been setting up and resetting several machines. One task in my setup list is to get my custom Edge search engines configured. Unfortunately, Edge does not synchronize custom search engines as part of profile data (Chrome does). But I synchronize this data myself. [Read More]
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