My Home Office Setup

At the end of 2018, I decided to invest in setting up a home office so that I could grow the skill of managing a team from home. I was in a role with managers reporting to me who worked from home; I wanted to identify what parts of my... [Read More]

Remote-Friendly Culture Indicators

I’ve talked about fostering remote work and how during my time at SAP Concur, we succeeded in building a remote-friendly culture for our UI Engineering group. Over time, I identified several indicators that helped me measure that success. If you are trying to assess your group’s progress, or if you... [Read More]

Remote for the 'Right' Candidate

I’m a big proponent of remote work and geo-distributed teams. During my 4.5 years at SAP Concur, I had the pleasure of working in an environment where we could foster remote work and invest in our remote-friendly culture. We had engineers from Prague to Palo Alto, with a healthy combination... [Read More]