Conducting a Skillset Gap Analysis

When crafting goals in our group, we keep an emphasis on personal growth interests, defining personal growth goals before other categories. But what does a personal growth goal look like? How do we come up with personal growth goals if they’re the first category we discuss? While the nature of... [Read More]

Crafting Quarterly Goals

Like many companies, SAP Concur has moved away from annual goals and reviews. In 2018, we transitioned to a quarterly goal cadence and we now conduct quarterly “SAP Talk” sessions. An SAP Talk is less like a formal review and more like a “super one-on-one” where we review the goals... [Read More]

Fostering Remote Work

When I joined SAP Concur in 2015, I realized I would have an opportunity to grow my skills working with geo-distributed teams. Both SAP and Concur have engineering offices around the world, which was a new experience for me. I had dabbled in remote work over the years but I’d... [Read More]

GraphQL is not OData

For a couple years, I’ve observed scores of developers making ill-informed claims about GraphQL. People have claimed that GraphQL allows the client to demand sorting, paging, and filtering from the server. People have claimed that GraphQL can result in execution of arbitrary queries or joins. People have claimed that GraphQL... [Read More]
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