RIA Services Endpoints Poll

The RIA Services team is planning out some V2 features.  One common question that keeps coming up as we’re discussing ideas is how much people are using the “extra” 3 endpoints that we provide: OData, JSON, and SOAP. If you don’t know, the official RIA Services product contained the default... [Read More]
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RIA Services EF Code First Support

You’ve been asking for it for what seems like forever now, and as of today, it’s available.  That’s right, WCF RIA Services now supports EntityFramework Code First!  Varun Puranik developed the feature, and he has blogged about it, including some very useful Code Snippets.  I recommend going to read his... [Read More]

All things lead to Philosophy

Today’s XKCD comic had the following ALT text: Wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article text not in parentheses or italics, and then repeat, you will eventually end up at "Philosophy". I felt compelled to put this to the test with a... [Read More]

Google Scribe wrote this post

I saw mention of Google Scribe the other day.  If you open it up in Chrome, it has a feature for reading your mind.  Okay, it’s just word completion.  While I can usually type a word out faster than I can read what auto-completion is providing me, break my stride,... [Read More]