Dynamic Controls

Scott Mitchell recently posted a blog entry about Adding Dynamic Controls to an ASP.NET page. He mentioned:One area where ASP.NET developers seem to have the most difficulty with is working with dynamic controls. This difficulty is understandable, as there are a plethora of subtleties in getting everything to work right.He... [Read More]

Custom Web Controls Everywhere!

Well, it took me a few days... but I finally have all of the sample code and everything packaged up from my presentation this past week. You can find the zip file here.In the zip file you will find the following: ASP.NET_1.x.zipSample Application Framework in ASP.NET 1.x (VB) ASP.NET_2.0.zipSample Application... [Read More]


In response to Scott's Mitchell's posting "Why I Don't Use DataSets in My ASP.NET Applications", I decided to document my decision process for determining whether or not to use a DataSet or a DataTable as opposed to a DataReader.I decided to document this process in a code format, just because... [Read More]

Choose Your Own Adventure

I haven't received many comments on what the community would like the topic of my May presentation to be. I am leaning toward the "Custom Web Controls Everywhere" presentation.Here's a more detailed description of the presentation. Please feel free to comment on this before the presentation.The emphasis of the presentation... [Read More]

.NET Users Group Presentation

I will be presenting at the May 17th meeting for the Cincinnati .NET Users Group meeting, and I'm looking for some ideas on what to present.For the past 10 years, I've been working on web development. I have migrated from C++ and CGI/Perl web applications running on UNIX, through VB6/ASP... [Read More]