Okay, in shopping for satellite radio equipment, I've gotten pretty frustrated. I have an open DIN slot in my dash board, and I'd love to plop a satellite receiver in there and wire it to my head unit. Then I should be able to detach the satellite receiver and bring it inside the house to plug into the home docking station.

Apparently, this isn't an option with any of the receivers.

The Sirius Starmate Replay would fit within a DIN slot as it's 5" x 1.9", and the owner's manual references an optional car kit (STV2) within the installation section. The manual states that the kit includes a DIN-compatible install plate -- perfect! However, this item is not available for purchase anywhere and Sirius customer support has no records of such a product -- joy! I was given the number to product support, 800-869-5590. Hopefully they'll have records of this thing.

I'm leaning toward the Starmate Replay regardless of the install plate though. I will probably end up crafting some sort of an install plate myself, making this much more of a project than I wanted it to be, but oh well.