Professional Car Kit - In My Hands -- Thank you!

Well,As promised, I received the car kit today... it's packaged very nicely :-) I can hardly believe that this thing actually exists!Thank you again to for the awesome hookup.I will say though... this isn't exactly what I was expecting... this appears to be designed for a permanent car installation,... [Read More]

Starmate Replay Car Kit - Available!

As promised, has the car kits available for purchase on their site.The product is being released as the car kit for the Streamer GTR... no idea why the Starmate is apparently discontunued and replaced with the Streamer GTR, but oh well.It appears as though the receiver will be slightly... [Read More] - Pre-Order STV2

Well,I followed the steps of someone that posted here. I contacted through the email address.Here's what they responded with:Hey Jeff - I read your blog and appreciate your difficulties! We have a bunch of customers waiting for the STV2. I will add you to the notification list. We... [Read More]

Starmate STV2 Launch Date

Here's the scoop, with the story following...The Sirius Starmate Replay STV2 (Optional Dash-Mount/DIN-Compatible) will be made available for online purchase from on January 9th!I called Sirius Customer Service again last night, to check in on the STV2. After sitting on hold for a few minutes, I spoke with a... [Read More]

Sirius Starmate Replay Car Kit - Directed?

While at Best Buy yesterday, I was looking to see if they had the STV2 Kit by any chance. The first guy I talked to didn't know what I was talking about, but then another guy jumped in and knew exactly what I was referring to.He was the first person... [Read More]