I'm not a big believer in the effects of the moon phases, but yesterday I did find myself asking, "is it a full moon today or what?" So I checked the moon phase module that Jess has on the BIG Developer Community website. It wasn't even close to a full moon last night.

It seemed like it should've been with the strange things that were happening yesterday.

First, my client's internet connection went down. This keeps me and my team from working really at all. This rarely, and I mean rarely happens.

Second, I get a call from my old business partner at WeDoWebStuff.com; he needs my help because one of the servers has crashed.

Third, Kelly and I watched The Sopranos, and we taped it for my brother-in-law. I then needed to watch 24 and record it onto the same tape. After a miscue, I needed to rewind the tape a little bit to get it back to the right spot. Of course the VCR cannot rewind, so I tried to eject the tape to put it in the rewinder. The VCR eats the tape.

Fourth, after I watch and record 24 onto a new tape, I go to pull up The Sopranos using HBO On Demand. But, HBO On Demand won't tune in. The screen just goes black, and I hear the sound of whatever channel I was previously on.

Fifth, so I go to call into Time Warner Cable, and I get the message that they're currently upgrading to a new computer system and their capabilities are limited.

All of this seemed quite odd -- nothing on its own is a big deal, but it was just one thing after another yesterday and it caught my attention.