Informal Review: Sonic MyDVD: BAD; Nero 7: Good

So, my wife and I have a family reunion to attend this weekend. Kelly usually steps up and does quite a bit of organization for these. One of the things that she and I committed to was delivering photo CDs with all of the family photos we could gather. Several... [Read More]

Rules to Better Software Development

Scott Guthrie posted a link to this great resource for software development rules. This is a very impressive set of rules (standards)! Thanks to the folks at SSW for taking the time to publish this stuff! (and thanks to Scott for spreading the knowledge of the link).via: [Read More]

.NET vs Java Smackdown

This was a fun read.Have you stopped beating your dog?via FrazzledDad: .NET vs Java Smackdown

Switching to Verizon

Well, I reached my breaking point with T-Mobile yesterday. Traveling home from Newark, Ohio to Cincinnati, I had 10 calls drops. 5 of those calls were with one person, trying to complete a 10-minute phone call. 1 of those was calling 6-1-1 to report my troubles.A couple of weeks ago,... [Read More]