Yet another off-topic post... Kelly and I found that the cord on our iron was getting very hot (it has a short I'm sure).  Since I'm not all that handy, we went to buy a new iron rather than trying to fix the cord on the old one.

We went to good old Walmart, and after looking at the irons for a few minutes, we opted to just get the cheap one ($7).  We didn't think we needed one of the digital irons ($30-$40) with all the bells and whistles (they literally make sounds).  Just a plain old iron we thought, so we grabbed the DuraBrand iron.

Using the new iron for a week resulted in some frustrations.  It was taking me 20-25 minutes each morning to iron an outfit, which is just not acceptable.  Staring at a pile of clean laundry that all needed to be ironed, Kelly suggested that we go get a real iron, and I thought that was a great idea.

So, after finding that the $40 Sunbeam that we picked out wasn't in stock, we went to our next choice, which was a $37 GE model.  After using it to iron a few loads of laundry, I was reminded once again that you get what you pay for.  Amazing the difference from a $7 iron to a $37 iron.

Some (un)lucky person will become the new owner of a virtually brand new DuraBrand iron after we give it to charity.