FlexWiki and LLBLGen, Auto-Generated DB Documentation

Okay, I'm trying to marry 2 of my new tools together, FlexWiki and LLBLGen.  Since we're in the requirements and design phase of the project, our DB schema is changing daily.  The DB architect on my team is scurrying to keep the database documentation updated on the wiki with each... [Read More]

FlexWiki Experience

When setting up the development/project environment for the new project, my PM and I were discussing what to do for document collaboration.  We both were thinking we'd use SharePoint for the document repository.  But I mentioned this to a co-worker who has to live within SharePoint for his entire project,... [Read More]

Windows Live Writer and Blogger

I'm having pretty good success with Windows Live Writer & Blogger.  Just one problem so far... Blogger doesn't support having images posted, darn! But I love that Windows Live Writer allows you to create blog entries and see what it would look like formatted on your blog while you type. ... [Read More]

VS 2005 Difficulties (and workarounds)

I've had some difficulties with VS 2005, but at the moment I think I have workarounds for each problem I've faced.AutoPopulateToolboxThis option is cool, when it works. In Tools:Options:Windows Form Designer, there's an option for AutoPopulateToolbox. Here's what it says it does:Toggles whether the toolbox is automatically populated with Components... [Read More]

Experiencing New Things

I am working on a new project that is giving me some exposure to some new (to me) technologies and techniques.  I am hoping to be able to blog about my experiences with some of this stuff.  Here's a list of things that I'm using that I hope to blog about:... [Read More]