I subscribe to my own blog (through Newsgator online), so that I can keep a pulse on how my blog looks through a reader.  Yesterday, I was confused why my posts weren't showing up, but I figured the delay was just running a little longer than usual.

This morning, I signed into newsgator, and I saw things like this:

So, Mark, one of the managers at the insurance company, called me this morning around 10am. But it can't hurt to try to get someone else to pay for the work, so we'll see where this leads.

This is the first sentence and the last sentence from a rather lengthy post.  Then I noticed that each post from yesterday suffers from similar problems.  How bizarre!

I have my RSS feed running through Feedburner.  I checked there, and sure enough, the raw RSS was out of whack.  Then I checked the atom.xml on Blogger, and it was also all messed up.  I republished my blog in Blogger, and the atom.xml seems to have been corrected, but Feedburner has a delay, as does my reader.  So we'll see if the problem gets corrected in the reader in a couple of hours.

Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion (to the 1-3 people who actually subscribe to my blog).