.NET Remoting Configuration File

I've arrived at having a .NET Remoting server and having my Proxy layer call into the server to talk to the back-end system.  I like defining the .NET Remoting configuration in a config file for both the server and the client -- this is working quite well. This leaves my... [Read More]

Talked with a manager (Insurance claim)

So, Mark, one of the managers at the insurance company, called me this morning around 10am.  He was very polite and listened to my description of the problem and all of the background information. He quickly dismissed the insurance company's liability for any problems I'm having though.  I mentioned to... [Read More]

How to handle telemarketing

Jess Tedder just sent me this link.  It's a counterscript for responding to telemarketers.  Great stuff. Here are some of my stories. Cincinnati Enquirer Salesperson: May I ask why you're not interested in a (newspaper) subscription?Me (sobbing): Because I can't read okay! Home Improvements Salesperson: blah, blah, blah, buy our windows and... [Read More]

Insurance Adventure, 1 day in

When I called the insurance company last night, the gentleman I spoke with (Pat) was extremely polite and very apologetic for the inconvenience caused by the rust problems with my car.  He assured me that I would be contacted today before the end of the day by a manager, to... [Read More]

WCF: Got a sample running, but...

Okay, I found some newer documentation for Windows Communication Foundation here (directly to the zip).  This got me moving and there were functional sample apps embedded in the help that you can extract.  I extracted the Getting Started Sample and followed the instructions.  You have to be sure to do... [Read More]