Wreck Pictures (Insurance Claim)

Here are the pictures of my car after the wreck that I was involved in back in April 2000. This happened the day before I made my 3rd car payment. The car had 6200 miles on it. I walked away without a scratch and played golf 6 hours later.It ended... [Read More]

Visited the Body Shop (Insurance Claim)

A couple of days ago, I spoke with Mark from the insurance company.  He was going to get in contact with the body shop as if anyone was liable for my problems, it would be the body shop he said. He followed up and said that Mike from the body... [Read More]

Blogger went Schizo

I subscribe to my own blog (through Newsgator online), so that I can keep a pulse on how my blog looks through a reader.  Yesterday, I was confused why my posts weren't showing up, but I figured the delay was just running a little longer than usual. This morning, I... [Read More]

Generics Rule My Proxy

I'm a newbie to Generics and the like.  And I'm sure that lots of folks have already been using the approach I'm about to talk about for some time now, but to me... this is freaking cool! My project is the typical client/server situation.  The UI will be running on the... [Read More]

.NET Remoting Configuration File

I've arrived at having a .NET Remoting server and having my Proxy layer call into the server to talk to the back-end system.  I like defining the .NET Remoting configuration in a config file for both the server and the client -- this is working quite well. This leaves my... [Read More]