My work pace

A lot of people have been talking recently about keeping a healthy pace at work (some links below).  This is something that has really been hitting home (pun intended) for me.  Those that know me know that I work long, long hours, all the time. Back when I was self-employed... [Read More]

An error must look like an error

Today, I had one of my development tasks come back to me because it failed QA.  I had been tasked with implementing a custom error page, and I did so.  I added all kinds of juicy information to the screen such as the highest version number of all binaries from... [Read More]

Sensory QA

Every once in awhile, I find a product that does not please the senses.  One of my best examples was when my wife bought some Folgers Jakada when it came out.  I'm hooked on Starbucks Frappuccinos and the Folgers alternative was much cheaper.  Well, as I took my first sip... [Read More]

Building a CSV List in SQL (2000)

This is a little trick that I figured out a long time ago, as in like 4 years ago.  But a coworker recently applied the trick because he had seen some of my old code and he needed to do the same thing. This works well inside stored procedures and... [Read More]

Posting Code Samples

One of the reasons I've moved my blog so many times is that I've had a hard time finding a good blog and writer that allows me to easily post nicely-formatted code samples.  I tried Wordpress with some of the add-ons that were supposed to do the trick, but it... [Read More]