Keeping it Simple and Searching my Brain with Google

I was talking with someone last night about how simple websites are the ones that catch on. is the best example--their homepage has always been unbelievably simple, and that has been key to them becoming the search leader.  I was trying to remember the site that I saw awhile... [Read More]

A sad loss in the family

Last Monday, my wife took the boys down to Tennessee in hopes of visiting her aunt Debbie.  Debbie had been ill for quite awhile, after having been diagnosed with sclerodema.  Kelly had a ton going on leading up to her trip, including having a playgroup at the house with a... [Read More]
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Excel's Search() function

It's always the little things.  You think, "ah yeah, that'll do what I need, no problem."  Then you try it and get an unexpected result.  Forty-five minutes later, you're beating your head against the desk wondering why in the hell you even work on computers. Last night, I had a... [Read More]
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Terminals - Simply Awesome

For several months now, I've been using Terminals for my remote desktop needs.  This is an amazingly great time saver.  I have to remote desktop into several machines each day, many times multiple machines at once.  This tool has probably saved me a few hours since I started using it.... [Read More]