I was talking with someone last night about how simple websites are the ones that catch on.  Google.com is the best example--their homepage has always been unbelievably simple, and that has been key to them becoming the search leader.  I was trying to remember the site that I saw awhile back that was another example of simple, for creating a web pages.

I could remember that the site used a markup language different from wiki formats, and the language was targeted toward writers, focusing on simplicity.  But for the life in me, I couldn't remember what the site was, or what the markup language was.  I knew that I read about the site on one of the blogs I read, but I just couldn't remember any details.

Google to the rescue!  It did take me 5 minutes, which is about the longest it's ever taken me to find anything with Google or Google Desktop, but here's how I found it:


After the "markup language" search failed to produce anything useful, I remembered that the markup language that I was searching for made it easy to underline things and make different heading levels.  Also, it's targeted toward writers as I mentioned.  The search for "markup writer underline heading" let me find Markdown and when I saw the name, it immediately clicked.

Next was to find the website that let you use Markdown to get a simple start to making a website.  Searching for "markdown simple start" brought back Scott Hanselman's post that I read long ago and there it was, jottit -- Bingo!

The way the brain makes connections to allow us to remember things is amazing.  And Google is a close second for me.