Terminals - Simply Awesome

For several months now, I've been using Terminals for my remote desktop needs.  This is an amazingly great time saver.  I have to remote desktop into several machines each day, many times multiple machines at once.  This tool has probably saved me a few hours since I started using it.... [Read More]


In keeping up with the ASP.NET MVC discussions on ScottGu's blog, Scott made a good point about how ASP.NET will be supporting MVC, not MVP. The above approach I showed uses a MVC based pattern - where the Controller and the View tend to be more separate and more loosly... [Read More]

MVC/MVP Validation - How's it done?

ScottGu posted Part 1 of a series about ASP.NET MVC.  One of the comments asked, "How is input validation going to work?"  That's something that I've been wondering about as well.  With the ASP.NET MVC framework, and others it seems, if the controller has no reference to the view, how... [Read More]