Excel's Search() function

It's always the little things.  You think, "ah yeah, that'll do what I need, no problem."  Then you try it and get an unexpected result.  Forty-five minutes later, you're beating your head against the desk wondering why in the hell you even work on computers. Last night, I had a... [Read More]

Terminals - Simply Awesome

For several months now, I've been using Terminals for my remote desktop needs.  This is an amazingly great time saver.  I have to remote desktop into several machines each day, many times multiple machines at once.  This tool has probably saved me a few hours since I started using it.... [Read More]


In keeping up with the ASP.NET MVC discussions on ScottGu's blog, Scott made a good point about how ASP.NET will be supporting MVC, not MVP. The above approach I showed uses a MVC based pattern - where the Controller and the View tend to be more separate and more loosly... [Read More]