I downloaded and installed VS 2008 Professional.  The first thing I wanted to play with was the Extension Methods stuff.  Like a good little boy, I stubbed out a method and then created a unit test.

The unit test failed, as expected.  Then I put the actual code into the extension method, and ran the test again.  The test still failed.  I looked through the code and everything seemed right to me, so I put a breakpoint into the unit test and tried to debug it.  But my breakpoint did not get hit; I get the message, "No symbols have been loaded for this document."

I've tried deleting the DLLs manually, rebuilding the solution, restarting VS 2008, rebooting, and every combination I can think of.  I cannot find a way to get it to load symbols for my unit test and hit my breakpoint.

No symbols have been loaded for this document