Ahh... that makes sense!

Here's the pattern of leap days.  Every 7th leap year, or 28 years, February 29th falls on a Friday.  However, because 2100 is not a leap year, this shifts the pattern.  The pattern shifts again at 2200 and 2300, but will remain steady at 2400 because 2400 is a leap... [Read More]

The problem has been solved, but another has surfaced

2/29/2036 is a Friday; 1 have occurred in 28 years 2/29/2064 is a Friday; 2 have occurred in 56 years This is also a payday; 1 have occurred in 56 years 2/29/2092 is a Friday; 3 have occurred in 84 years 2/29/2104 is a Friday; 4 have occurred in 96... [Read More]

A problem I have to solve

We get paid bi-weekly on Fridays.  For those of you on bi-weekly paydays, you know that twice a year you get a little treat where you get 3 paychecks in a single month. This year, our 3-paycheck months fall in February and August.  The fact that February is a 3-paycheck... [Read More]

Video Card Woes, Situation Worsening

ATI responded back to me pretty quickly.  However, the message was useless, stating simply to use the latest drivers, which of course I was.  I responded again and just restated the same problems as follows: I have installed the latest drivers but I'm still not having any luck. With a... [Read More]