Visual Studio 2003 on Vista

I'm just now getting around to installing Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect on my new Vista workstation at the office.  I haven't been worried about this too much, because I have this setup working at home without problem. But of course, I ran into a snag here.  When I... [Read More]

Barracuda IM Client on Vista

I have to use Barracuda IM for one of my clients*.  I typically only sign in when we're shipping a new release though.  Today is one of those days, and I tried to install the client on my Vista machine, but I'm not having any luck. Needless to say, this... [Read More]

Vista 64-bit Installation (part 5)

I rebooted and got another blue screen -- same error.  I took the memory back out, and booted clean again.  Then I downloaded and installed the windows update standalone package available for KB929777.  I rebooted to make sure I got a clean reboot with 2GB ram, which I did.  Then... [Read More]

Vista 64-bit Installation (part 4)

I joined the domain, which needed a reboot, and upon boot, I got the same blue screen error.  I took 2GB RAM back out, booted clean, ran Windows Update again, turned it off, added the memory back in, and booted just fine. I think I'll try just rebooting a handful... [Read More]

Vista 64-bit Installation (part 3)

I took 2GB RAM out of the machine (to take it to 2GB), then finished the installation, ran Windows Update, and added the RAM back in.  All seems well.  That was a LOT easier than slipstreaming my own Vista installation! Here are the details for my Vista score: Processor =... [Read More]
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