A Fun ValidationAttribute Bug

I tweeted about a bug that I recently helped fix in System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.ValidationAttribute. As I said, it’s a bug resulting from code I wrote for that class years ago. I was honestly surprised there was any interest in this, but there was! Since I piqued your interest, I thought it only... [Read More]

Common NuGet Misconceptions: Package Restore

Package Restore is one of NuGet’s most popular features.  This has been especially true since NuGet 2.7 introduced Automatic Package Restore in Visual Studio and the nuget.exe restore command for simple command-line package restoration.  We hear many compliments about the feature and how it is transforming the way developers reference... [Read More]

Open RIA Services – Let the fun begin!

On September 19th, I made the initial contribution to Open RIA Services, committing the RIA Services codebase. The project is officially under way, giving developers even greater input into a framework that they love and reinforcing existing investments. Right off the bat, I’d like to thank you for your patience... [Read More]
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RIA Services Silverlight NuGet Packages

As we look forward to the Open RIA Services project, we want to make sure we’re helping lay out a transition for those that desire to make the switch.  As part of that transition plan, we have just published 2 new NuGet packages for RIA Services: the Silverlight Client and... [Read More]
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RIA Services is Getting Open-Sourced

It’s about time, right‽  In fact, it has been 3 and a half years since I first declared that getting RIA Services open-sourced was my stretch goal. Since then, I’ve seen dozens of forum posts, hundreds of tweets, and over 13,000 page-views for my original declaration.  There was even a... [Read More]
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