Recent thoughts relative to Support

While dealing with customer support after a recent release that contained a few bugs, I've found myself having the following two thoughts very often. The word "work" is part of the word "workaround" for a reason.  As soon as I find a "fun-around" for any issue, I'll let you know. ... [Read More]

The workaround that doesn't work

Please excuse the fact that I have to use general terms and vague references here.  I hope that this story is entertaining despite the removed specifics. Before a recent release, our software allowed the user to do X.  There was a bug reported that the user shouldn't be able to... [Read More]

Tiny little SQL trick with the IN clause

I don't know why I'd never used the IN clause in this manner before, but it just came to mind... I was writing an ad-hoc query against the sitemap table.  I needed to find any nodes where either the node label or node heading was "Course Section Mark Entry".  This... [Read More]
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Solve the 80% problem

David Yardy's post about project post-mortems reminded me of something I learned awhile back.  Here's the premise of David's post: Before and after developing software it is often to have the similar thoughts regarding the project. Before - "This project should be easy and quick." After - "Why was the... [Read More]

Ditching the DVR

I mentioned in my post about 24 that we've ditched the DVR.  Any time I mention this to people in conversation, I get the immediate, "WHAT!  You were the first person I knew to get the DVR!  How could you get rid of it?"  So I figured I should provide... [Read More]