Custom Controls Everywhere and ASP.NET MVC, part 1

This is part 1 of a 4-part series discussing a concept that I've long called "Custom Controls Everywhere" and how ASP.NET MVC affects it.  This article will explain why I advocate the pattern and how ASP.NET MVC takes the capability away. What does Custom Controls Everywhere mean? When I start... [Read More]

Still no go... back to 3GB RAM

After installing Vista Service Pack 1 things seemed to be running pretty well.  Both ATI cards were functioning and looking good.  But after a couple hours of use, system performance degraded, especially relating to video.  Then the ATI drivers crashed and restarted successfully, just like the nVidia drivers did. So,... [Read More]

Video Card Update - Vista Service Pack 1

I installed Vista Service Pack 1 today.  I put my stick of RAM back in, and I have no distorted graphics.  Still using the 2 ATI cards.  I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.  It feels good to have that 4th GB of RAM back.

Test your smoke detectors

Fire investigators determined that Mike did not have a working smoke detector in his house.  Having one could have possibly saved his life.  Please test yours when you get home today. [Read More]