Review: Garmin 660

I mentioned that we were going to get a Garmin.  We've got it shortly before leaving Cincinnati, and we've had it with us our first week in Seattle.  We went with the Garmin nuvi 660 because of the unbelievable deals they had on it.  I don't know if it's about to be discontinued... [Read More]


Dave Yardy wrote a post questioning SQL CLR Types.  I posted the following response: I don't know why you would want to store a serialized UDT in the database.  Having to drop the type if it changes is really, really scary.   However, I had some outstanding results using the... [Read More]

Getting a Garmin

Since we'll be moving into a city that we don't know, we've decided to acquire a Garmin GPS.  Our realtor let us borrow his while we were in Redmond/Seattle last weekend, and it was very nice.  We had planned to just buy a good map, but after using the Garmin,... [Read More]