Following Passions (and Leaving Microsoft)

I decided to leave Microsoft; Friday, March 20th is my last day. RIA My family and I moved to Redmond almost 7 years ago so that I could join Microsoft.  After 13 years in the industry, it was my dream job: Creating a UI Framework that enterprise application developers would... [Read More]

Adaptive Batch Sizes for Backend Processing

Most business systems include some form of backend processing. This could be report generation, data transformations, credit card processing, payment auditing, or countless other scenarios. It’s typical for these systems to pull records out of a queue, perform the necessary processing, and then move on to the next record. When... [Read More]

Evolving NuGet's Code at Øredev 2014

I had the pleasure of attending Øredev 2014 and presenting two sessions about evolving NuGet's code. It was my first time attending the conference and it was a terrific experience. My sessions were essentially 3-year retrospectives on NuGet's code, both server-side and client-side. I talked through how we built the... [Read More]

Volunteering with Cub Scouts

I've volunteered with the Cub Scouts for the last 5 years and it's been a great experience. As I'm winding down my role in the pack, I was asked to write a testimonial about how rewarding it has been to be involved. Here it is. Spending my days working in... [Read More]