Big Brother

Back in May, a couple hours after we arrived at the temporary apartment in Redmond, we pulled the laptop out to jump online.  Aboda furnishes their apartments with wireless cable modems, which is very nice.  We needed to pull up directions to go to dinner, and my instinct was to... [Read More]

Property Changed Events

When creating a class that can be used with data binding, you have to implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.  This interface requires that you have an event for PropertyChanged, specifying PropertyChangedEventArgs that provide the property name that was changed. Here’s what I mean: 1: public class Person : System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged [Read More]

I don't like magic anymore

Growing up, I always liked magic.  I actually spent a significant portion of my childhood earnings at a local magic shop in Milford, Ohio.  I remember vying for the really fancy tricks, but I always had to settle for the simpler, cheaper tricks.  I have always been excited to see... [Read More]

Review: Garmin 660

I mentioned that we were going to get a Garmin.  We've got it shortly before leaving Cincinnati, and we've had it with us our first week in Seattle.  We went with the Garmin nuvi 660 because of the unbelievable deals they had on it.  I don't know if it's about to be discontinued... [Read More]