I had always enjoyed Nine Inch Nails’ music.  But it wasn’t until Kelly explained to me that NIN is really just one guy, Trent Reznor, that I really became a fan.  Frankly, when Kelly told me about this, at first I didn’t quite believe it.  But then I went and read up on Trent and NIN, and was blown away.  What Trent does and how he composes his music is very unique and impressive.  I’ve now become addicted to his music.

Kelly saw a NIN concert several years ago and has said it was simply amazing.  When the 2006 tour dates were announced, we talked about going.  In fact, we considered going up to Atlantic City for the show at the House of Blues, but ultimately we didn’t go.  Just about the time we moved out to Redmond, NIN announced some 2008 tour dates, and Seattle is the 2nd stop on the tour.  We talked about how cool it would be to go, but of course we don’t have any sitters out here to stay with the boys.  So we emailed Kelly’s mom and said that if she wanted to make a trip out to see us, it would be great if she could do so over the week of the concert.  We didn’t expect her to say, “OK,” but she did!  And we bought tickets right away!

I’m totally pumped about the concert.  Recently, NIN started releasing videos of rehearsals for the tour, and they are awesome.  I simply cannot wait to go.