Darwinism Politics

So, after congress worked so hard last week to reach a tentative agreement, it ended up getting rejected. I actually found enjoyment in this event; it was so ironic to see this bailout bill fail after all those jerks got in front of us and applauded themselves for doing such... [Read More]

Political Rant – Blogger Blog Reopened

I’ve reopened my blogger blog so that I could post a political rant without putting this blog.  I’ll probably post some more, but I won’t give any further announcements of such.  If you care to read what I had to say, here’s the link. [Read More]

Congress: "Working Hard"

Following my wife's lead, I decided to use my blogger blog to post rants about our political system, instead of littering my main blog with the off-topic posts. My blog at JeffHandley.com is mainly a technical blog, and I don't want to distract my readers there with politics. Oh, and... [Read More]

Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha - Layout Cycle Detected

Continuing my series of gotchas for Silverlight 2, I wanted to talk about a common error that people are seeing.  This error is something new that you might see when moving code from Beta 2 to the Release Candidate or later.  In Beta 2, if the layout engine detected a... [Read More]

Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha - ContentPresenter

As I'm sure you already know, a Release Candidate for Silverlight 2 was published.  ScottGu does an amazing job of covering a lot of information in his blog posts, and others like Mike Snow have also provided some excellent detail.  As they repeatedly told you, go check out the breaking... [Read More]