Tim Heuer's Excellent Letter in Arizona

Tim wrote an excellent letter to all of his Arizona representatives.  Go check it out!  He calls out a lot of the pork that was in the bill.  Simply amazing.  Our government has never before looked as much like a bunch of crooks.http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2008/10/03/how-arizona-voted-on-bailout-bill-hr-1424-mccain.aspx

Sweet n Sour Pork

The updated bailout bill makes me think of Chinese food. They're saying they added some sweeteners, but I think may people will be soured by the pork.I still don't understand how mental health parity is at all related. And the FDIC insurance increases don't address the problem -- they might... [Read More]

Senate passes bailout

The senate passed the socialism bailout bill 74-25. It'll go to the house on Friday. I guess the mental health parity rider did the trick.

I'm gonna be rich!!

I'm reading the new bill right now, and by page 11, I've understood it to say the following:If a bank gives a loan to someone for a house that they cannot afford, they need not worryThe government will buy the "asset" from them for whatever was paidIf the bank sells... [Read More]

Why do we need a sweeter bailout?

Continuing my thoughts on the sweeter bailout... If the deal needs to be sweetened, then maybe it shouldn't pass. If the bailout cannot be accepted on its own, then maybe congress should re-think whether or not they should be trying to push it through.I'm very, very anxious about our system... [Read More]