I'm gonna be rich!!

I'm reading the new bill right now, and by page 11, I've understood it to say the following:If a bank gives a loan to someone for a house that they cannot afford, they need not worryThe government will buy the "asset" from them for whatever was paidIf the bank sells... [Read More]

Why do we need a sweeter bailout?

Continuing my thoughts on the sweeter bailout... If the deal needs to be sweetened, then maybe it shouldn't pass. If the bailout cannot be accepted on its own, then maybe congress should re-think whether or not they should be trying to push it through.I'm very, very anxious about our system... [Read More]

Mental Health Parity: KISS

The senate will be voting today on a "sweeter" bailout bill. We were watching CNN this morning while they talked about it, and Kelly and I about flipped out lids. Here's one of the ways the deal is sweeter (from CNN):The revised bailout bill also includes a "Mental Health Parity"... [Read More]

The Blame Game

I seem to be hearing a lot of democrats saying that we should be avoiding the blame game at this time, and we should just be solving the issues at hand. They are saying this while they try to craft bills to take more money from the taxpayers to fix... [Read More]

Darwinism Politics

So, after congress worked so hard last week to reach a tentative agreement, it ended up getting rejected. I actually found enjoyment in this event; it was so ironic to see this bailout bill fail after all those jerks got in front of us and applauded themselves for doing such... [Read More]