Why do I hate this code?

During a recent code review, I gave feedback asking for code like the following to be refactored: function getPreferenceLevelText(companyName, companyPreferenceLevel, segmentType) { var preferenceLevel; [Read More]

Øredev 2015 - Using Node and React for LOB Apps

I had the privilege of attending Øredev again this year; it was the first week of November. At the conference, I presented two sessions that were both related to my experience this year using Node and React for building Line-of-Business applications at Concur. [Read More]

Following Passions (and Leaving Microsoft)

I decided to leave Microsoft; Friday, March 20th is my last day. RIA My family and I moved to Redmond almost 7 years ago so that I could join Microsoft.  After 13 years in the industry, it was my dream job: Creating a UI Framework that enterprise application developers would... [Read More]