Using TortoiseMerge for Diff/Merge

I’m a big fan of using TortoiseMerge from TortoiseSVN for diff/merge operations.  After repaving my machine the other day, I noticed that some command-line tools that I use for our internal processes were ignoring the fact that I’d configured Visual Studio 2010 to use TortoiseMerge.  It turns out that some... [Read More]

First 2010 Machine Repave

It had been a long time since I’d repaved my primary workstation at the office, and it was getting cranky.  It was time to nuke my system drive and get a clean start with stable bits.  For fun, I thought I’d jot down what I reinstalled this go-round, in the... [Read More]

ValidationResult - Specifying Member Names

The System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.ValidationResult class was created for RIA Services, and it was introduced in Silverlight 3.0 and then added into .NET 4.0.  A ValidationResult represents a validation error condition, specifying the error message and, optionally, any member names that the error corresponds to.  If you use the [Required] attribute, the [Range]... [Read More]

My Stretch Goal: To Ship RIA Services Source Code

When I laid out my commitments for the current fiscal year, I included “Ship RIA Services Source Code” as a stretch goal.  Pulling this off will require a ton of effort.  I’ll have to work with management up several levels, with our legal department, and with dozens of others to... [Read More]
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