Sorry Anthony, but Facebook says you’re a Redneck

I laughed my ass off at the Redneck email that Jeremy Miller posted today.  Here is the content of the email (a series of redneck jokes).  But the best part is what happened when I went to post this to Facebook as a Note.  Look below for a screen shot.... [Read More]

An Escrow Account for Irregular Bills

This is a non-technical post.  It’s certainly geeky though. We all have them: bills that are due on something other than a monthly schedule.  Car insurance, home owner’s insurance, life insurance, vehicle registration, Pandora One, pick your poison.  It can be difficult to work these bills into the monthly budget... [Read More]

Sharing Source with Silverlight

I am one of the proud folks that gets to work on the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations assembly.  This assembly is used by several products, and it seems more are starting to depend on it.  Part of the fun with this assembly is that it exists for both Silverlight (as of Silverlight 3),... [Read More]

Not Breaking on ValidationException (take 2)

Awhile back, I blogged about how Silverlight uses Validation Exceptions, which can cause the debugger to break.  I showed how to prevent that from happening, but the solution was less than ideal. Someone named rlodina commented on the post: What about manual adding: System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotation.ValidationException in this list. This comment has been... [Read More]