System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMExceptionWell, I jumped the gun.  I saw the post that was referenced during This Week on Channel 9 and I thought it would solve my problems.  It did not.  I still cannot open a VS 2008 solution from explorer.

My issue does seem to be that I have the UAC turned on.  In order for VS 2008 to open cleanly, I have to run it as Administrator.  If I don't, I get this message when I try to open a web project.

This means that I must always run VS 2008 as Administrator.  I've updated the shortcut's compatibility settings so that I don't have to explicitly choose to run as admin though, because that got old very quickly.

Shortcut Compatibility - Run this program as an administratorWhen I double-click on a solution file that should open in VS 2008, I get nothing.  Even after checking my solution files per Andrew Arnott's post.  My solution files were just fine.  If I run explorer as Administrator, and then double-click on the solution files, they open just fine.  So permissions are my issue.  I might just set my .sln file type to always open in VS 2008.  When at home (where I have this problem), I'm typically working in 2008.  If I need to open a pre-2008 solution, I can start up devenv first.