I love Fox's 24.  It looks like we're not going to have a season 7 in 2008 as had been planned, because of the writer's strike.  But to quench our thirst, Fox has released a clip from the previously unaired pilot for 24.

If you're a 24 fan, go watch the clip.  However be warned that it was shot back in 1994, so the technology is quite a bit different from what we're used to.  It's probably a good thing Fox waited until technology had improved before they premiered the show.

The lack of 24 this season is bittersweet for me.  It's bitter because I love the show and I am looking forward to what they have in store for us.   It's sweet because we ditched our DVR a few months back so I have virtually no chance of watching it right now.  I need to get a cable jack run to where my PC is so that I can use Vista to record the show.  There's no rush on that anymore.

No, I don't really think this pilot clip is real, but it was fun to write the post as though I did/it was.  The strike's effect on 24 is most definitely real though.  We probably won't see another 24 episode until January 2009.