When I called the insurance company last night, the gentleman I spoke with (Pat) was extremely polite and very apologetic for the inconvenience caused by the rust problems with my car.  He assured me that I would be contacted today before the end of the day by a manager, to discuss how the situation could be addressed.  I was quite impressed and satisfied.

But alas, the end of the day has arrived, and I have not received a call.  I patiently waited all day and just called back in a few minutes ago.  This time I spoke with Michelle and she was equally as polite and apologetic as Pat was.  She said that the notes that Pat made on my claim very clearly instructed a manager to call my cell phone today.  She was going to put another note on the claim.

Michelle advised that if I don't get a call by 3:30pm tomorrow, to call in again.  Since I called after hours both times, there were no managers available.  But if I call tomorrow afternoon and mention that I was expecting a call, they'll get a manager on the phone right away.