I followed the steps of someone that posted here. I contacted www.TheSiriusStore.com through the sales@TheSiriusStore.com email address.

Here's what they responded with:

Hey Jeff - I read your blog and appreciate your difficulties! We have a bunch of customers waiting for the STV2. I will add you to the notification list. We hope to be one of the first to carry this product. As you can see from our website we have a really wide selection of the misc SIRIUS accessories that a lot of other retailers don't carry.

Sean Harper

Please note that TheSiriusStore.com is not owned or operated by Sirius. And it's actually sad (I think) that Sirius itself can't get their shit together (sorry, listening to Stern on Howard 101 right now, so I feel like swearing). But hopefully, Sirius supplies TheSiriusStore.com with some STV2 kits, and we will be notified when they are available.