Here's the scoop, with the story following...

The Sirius Starmate Replay STV2 (Optional Dash-Mount/DIN-Compatible) will be made available for online purchase from on January 9th!

I called Sirius Customer Service again last night, to check in on the STV2. After sitting on hold for a few minutes, I spoke with a gentleman that had never heard of the STV2. I told him to do a Google search for "starmate stv2" and click on the first link -- which is the easiest way to get to the product details. Then I told him the following:

- It's on the main Sirius website
- It's not available for online purchase from Sirius and I was told it won't be available for online purchase -- it'll have to be purchased from a retailer
- Circuit City, Best Buy, Crutchfield and Radio Shack have all told me that they won't be carrying the product

I asked how and where to get one. After putting me on hold for a few minutes, he came back and gave me a phone number for the Starmate and Sportster receivers' product support. He said that this is separate from general Sirius product support as it's actually a separate company that manages the Starmate and the Sportster. This number was 800-869-5187.

So I called this number and sat on hold for about 30 minutes before getting to speak with someone. I wish the hold music had been Octane instead of StarLite, but oh well. When I finally spoke with someone, I repeated to her what I had told the gentleman that sent me her way. She put me on hold for a few minutes and came back with wonderful news...

Because retailers have decided not to sell the product, Sirius will be selling it online. It will be launched on their website on January 9th... I guess the 9th will be a big day for them.

I will certainly be listening to Sirius on the 9th, but I'll also be checking their website for this product's availability.