- Pre-Order STV2

Well,I followed the steps of someone that posted here. I contacted through the email address.Here's what they responded with:Hey Jeff - I read your blog and appreciate your difficulties! We have a bunch of customers waiting for the STV2. I will add you to the notification list. We... [Read More]

Starmate STV2 Launch Date

Here's the scoop, with the story following...The Sirius Starmate Replay STV2 (Optional Dash-Mount/DIN-Compatible) will be made available for online purchase from on January 9th!I called Sirius Customer Service again last night, to check in on the STV2. After sitting on hold for a few minutes, I spoke with a... [Read More]

Sirius Starmate Replay Car Kit - Directed?

While at Best Buy yesterday, I was looking to see if they had the STV2 Kit by any chance. The first guy I talked to didn't know what I was talking about, but then another guy jumped in and knew exactly what I was referring to.He was the first person... [Read More]

Yes, I'm Sirius!

Well, the STV2 Optional Car Kit is not yet available for the Starmate Replay, much to my dismay... but I went ahead and got Sirius last Sunday. Radio Shack is running a special:$130 Starmate Replay$40 Starmate Replay Home Kit- $50 Sirius Mail-In Rebate- $25 Radio Shack Mail-In Rebate (in form... [Read More]