Interesting ASP.NET Authentication Problem

I haven't blogged about it, but I'm using AJAX.NET Professional for an AJAX screen in the application I'm working on... I love the library and I'm impressed with what Michael Schwartz has put together.Here are a few links:Michael's blogMain site for AJAX.NET ProfessionalMichael's main site, currently showing demos for AJAX.NET... [Read More]

aspnet_state.exe crash during shutdown

Look at me posting something about ASP.NET on my blog! Been awhile.So I have installed VS Team System for Software Developers on my TabletPC and my office workstation. Both machines also run VS.NET 2003 for Enterprise Architects. On both machines, every time a restart or shut down (Windows XP TabletPC... [Read More]

Starmate Replay Modifications

Well since the STV2 kit isn't going to work for me, I am going to pursue making modifications to my Starmate Replay. I have never done anything like this before, so this will be a real learning experience for me. I do have a co-worker that has built some custom... [Read More]

STV2 - Poorly Designed

Well, it's a real shame... but I think Sirius really failed with this car kit, and with the Starmate Replay in general.I would like to explicitly point out though, that I think did great on this one. They recognized that no one else was going to carry this product,... [Read More]

Professional Car Kit - In My Hands -- Thank you!

Well,As promised, I received the car kit today... it's packaged very nicely :-) I can hardly believe that this thing actually exists!Thank you again to for the awesome hookup.I will say though... this isn't exactly what I was expecting... this appears to be designed for a permanent car installation,... [Read More]