Getting Rich off Adsense

I am 7 days shy of having Adsense on my blog for a year. I never thought I'd be getting rich off Adsense, but I'm humored by the pace of my earnings.Today is one of the better days I've had. So far $0.49 for the day. I average $0.04 per... [Read More]

Four Things Meme

Well, I was hoping to avoid it, but Ben has tagged me.Four jobs I've had:Rally's Team TrainerCivil engineering office clerk (Roberts Engineering)Sofware developer (SDRC, .com startup not to be named,, BIG)Bowling alley technicianFour movies I can watch over and over:Shawshank RedemptionFinding Forrester8 MileBack to the Future trilogyFour TV shows... [Read More]

Slickrun - Another time saver

Okay... I was just telling someone about the idea that I was blogging about. He asked if I had ever used Slickrun... I didn't know what it was, but I quickly found it through Google. I have had this installed for I always have my taskbar running at 2 rows... [Read More]

Found a new Time Saver

After rebuilding my TabletPC recently, I hadn't set up all of my little taskbar shortcuts quite yet. Every time I rebuild a machine, I spend some time trying out different ways to organize my taskbar shortcuts, hoping to find new time savers... this time I did.I almost always have a... [Read More]

Interesting ASP.NET Authentication Problem

I haven't blogged about it, but I'm using AJAX.NET Professional for an AJAX screen in the application I'm working on... I love the library and I'm impressed with what Michael Schwartz has put together.Here are a few links:Michael's blogMain site for AJAX.NET ProfessionalMichael's main site, currently showing demos for AJAX.NET... [Read More]