.NET vs Java Smackdown

This was a fun read.Have you stopped beating your dog?via FrazzledDad: .NET vs Java Smackdown

Switching to Verizon

Well, I reached my breaking point with T-Mobile yesterday. Traveling home from Newark, Ohio to Cincinnati, I had 10 calls drops. 5 of those calls were with one person, trying to complete a 10-minute phone call. 1 of those was calling 6-1-1 to report my troubles.A couple of weeks ago,... [Read More]

DataGrid ItemCommand Without ViewState

I blogged awhile back about my frustrations with the ASP.NET DataGrid and its reliance on ViewState, specifically for firing the ItemCommand event. Well this situation presented itself to me again and I decided to attack the problem with a little more aggression than previous attempts.It's important to note that with... [Read More]

Infinitely zoomable mosaic

Okay, I thought this was pretty cool. I played with it for about 3 minutes :-)http://interact10ways.com/usa/information_interactive.htm