Windows Live Writer and Blogger

I'm having pretty good success with Windows Live Writer & Blogger.  Just one problem so far... Blogger doesn't support having images posted, darn! But I love that Windows Live Writer allows you to create blog entries and see what it would look like formatted on your blog while you type. ... [Read More]

VS 2005 Difficulties (and workarounds)

I've had some difficulties with VS 2005, but at the moment I think I have workarounds for each problem I've faced.AutoPopulateToolboxThis option is cool, when it works. In Tools:Options:Windows Form Designer, there's an option for AutoPopulateToolbox. Here's what it says it does:Toggles whether the toolbox is automatically populated with Components... [Read More]

Experiencing New Things

I am working on a new project that is giving me some exposure to some new (to me) technologies and techniques.  I am hoping to be able to blog about my experiences with some of this stuff.  Here's a list of things that I'm using that I hope to blog about:... [Read More]

Windows Live Writer

I've decided to give Windows Live Writer a try.  Blogger has a decent enough web-based blog editor, but the thick-client features could be quite useful.  This is my first post with it, we'll see how it goes.

Informal Review: Sonic MyDVD: BAD; Nero 7: Good

So, my wife and I have a family reunion to attend this weekend. Kelly usually steps up and does quite a bit of organization for these. One of the things that she and I committed to was delivering photo CDs with all of the family photos we could gather. Several... [Read More]