I am not a fan of the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but occasionally I end up using it for some reason. I thought the results of this "Compress Picture" were pretty impressive. Look closely.

New Website Favorite

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I'm a grammar freak. I'm not saying my grammar is perfect; it's nowhere close. But I have many pet peeves regarding common mistakes with the English language.Scott Hanselman blogged about some one-page reference sites, including a link to this link to a site... [Read More]

SQL Intellisense

Thanks to Scott Mitchell for this great post. Red Gate Software's SQL Prompt tool is pretty slick -- and FREE![5/23/2006 2:45pm]Well, I just uninstalled SQL Prompt. I was seeing some strangeness when my machine was bogging... where my keystrokes were getting out of sequence or simply lagging behind. This might... [Read More]

Goodbye VNC, Hello Synergy

For over 10 years, I've been using VNC and Win2VNC/X2VNC to control 2 computers with one keyboard and mouse. Today, I stopped using this setup.The problem started for me at SDRC when I had an HP-UX box and a WinNT box on my tiny little desk (cubette I think is... [Read More]

Cell Phone Plans - Rant

A little over a year ago, my wife and I switched from Cincinnati Bell Wireless to T-Mobile. This got us both new phones, which was a nice perk, but the coverage was a lateral move. I actually get more dropped calls and dead spots with T-Mobile than I did with... [Read More]