DataGrid ItemCommand Without ViewState

I blogged awhile back about my frustrations with the ASP.NET DataGrid and its reliance on ViewState, specifically for firing the ItemCommand event. Well this situation presented itself to me again and I decided to attack the problem with a little more aggression than previous attempts.It's important to note that with... [Read More]

Infinitely zoomable mosaic

Okay, I thought this was pretty cool. I played with it for about 3 minutes :-)

Free PDF Printing

A few weeks ago I needed to print some large documents to PDF format, but I didn't have anything installed to be able to print to PDF. I so rarely need to print to PDF that I've never been able to justify buying software for this.A friend pointed me at... [Read More]


I am not a fan of the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but occasionally I end up using it for some reason. I thought the results of this "Compress Picture" were pretty impressive. Look closely.

New Website Favorite

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I'm a grammar freak. I'm not saying my grammar is perfect; it's nowhere close. But I have many pet peeves regarding common mistakes with the English language.Scott Hanselman blogged about some one-page reference sites, including a link to this link to a site... [Read More]