WCF: Got a sample running, but...

Okay, I found some newer documentation for Windows Communication Foundation here (directly to the zip).  This got me moving and there were functional sample apps embedded in the help that you can extract.  I extracted the Getting Started Sample and followed the instructions.  You have to be sure to do... [Read More]

The adventure begins (Insurance claim)

I started digging through paperwork to try to find my claim number from the accident years ago, and after a few minutes, I found the original claim estimate from the insurance company.  I was scanning through it and near the back is a section entitled "Our Promise".  It reads: The... [Read More]

WCF Troubles

I started playing with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) today. I hit some pretty immediate problems that I'm still trying to work through.I thought a good first step would be to try out a Microsoft Virtual Lab for WCF. There's one called The Fundamentals of Programming the Windows Communication Foundation that... [Read More]

OT: You get what you pay for

Yet another off-topic post... Kelly and I found that the cord on our iron was getting very hot (it has a short I'm sure).  Since I'm not all that handy, we went to buy a new iron rather than trying to fix the cord on the old one. We went to good old Walmart,... [Read More]


Eric Sink has a great blog!  He just posted another article that made me laugh out loud.  For those of you who don't know him, here's a blurb from his About Me page: Prior to founding SourceGear, I was at Spyglass (now OpenTV) for around five years. I served there... [Read More]