, Version 4

I believe this is version 4 anyway, I don't really remember.  My old company has turned off its servers and things are now co-located at a real hosting facility.  Additionally, I've been cutting my workload back some at BIG, and getting caught up on some blog reading.  I've been inspired... [Read More]

Moved to Wordpress

If you're here, then you've probably bookmarked, instead of using to get to my blog. I have moved my blog to to try out that blogging platform.  If you go to you should be taken there. Also, the feed from has been updated to point... [Read More]

Just about done with Blogger

Blogger is ticking me off.  My atom.xml got all out of whack again today.  I am trying to republish my blog again in hopes that corrects the issue again, but the web site is having major issues for me. Jess Tedder said he thinks WordPress is the best blogging platform out... [Read More]

PF Chang's Banana Spring Rolls

We ate at PF Changs last night.  The last time we ate there, we got the Banana Spring Rolls for dessert, and we loved it.  We had to get it again, even though we were stuffed already. As we were eating the dessert, Kelly and I agreed that it's about... [Read More]

Wreck Pictures (Insurance Claim)

Here are the pictures of my car after the wreck that I was involved in back in April 2000. This happened the day before I made my 3rd car payment. The car had 6200 miles on it. I walked away without a scratch and played golf 6 hours later.It ended... [Read More]