Tweaking Registry for Taskbar in Vista

This post is proving useful.  It didn't solve my root annoyance, but it did help.  Here's what I wanted to beat... I like using Toolbars as quick menus on the task bar.  You can set them up like this:   But when you turn on "Lock the Taskbar" things get... [Read More]
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Vista Explorer Niceties

I've started using a couple of nice features in the Vista Explorer.  First is the 'Favorite Links' area.  This is similar to the 'Favorite Folders' area in Outlook 2007.  Second is 'Use checkboxes to select items' from the View options. Here is a shot with both items in action: To... [Read More]
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Clicking Apply then OK

Something I've noticed that a lot of people do in Windows is click Apply and then OK.  While trying to find a solution to my Kensington mouse problem, I saw some posted instructions that explicitly said to click Apply and then OK. What surprises me most is how many developers... [Read More]

Thank You Tire Discounters

It seems like there's always a company out there that is ticking me off.  This is especially true when dealing with cars and car repairs.  Over the past couple of weeks, Tire Discounters has broken that trend. We presently have a 2005 Ford Freestyle; it's on lease*.  Our lease was... [Read More]