My approach to code, according to a co-worker

Someone that's been working for BIG for a long time has recently joined my project.  She and I have overlapped a little bit here and there, but haven't officially worked together on a project before. She just told me that she likes my approach to code, but I responded that... [Read More]
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(not) Chasing the Shiny new Rock

I sent the following message to my development team today: All, Many have asked me over the years why we don’t switch to .NET 2.0.  Well, now 3.0 and 3.5 are out.  Today, a CodingHorror blog post references a quote that sums it up quite nicely: Users don't care whether... [Read More]

No wonder it didn't work

I am testing a change that I'm making for the school project.  This is a mission-critical change as it pertains to Ohio state reporting.  I executed the stored procedure that is being changed and looked at the results, and they appeared to be incorrect. I undid all of my changes... [Read More]

Video Card Update (still unresolved)

ATI wrote: These are only troubleshooting steps to assist to try and resolve the issue at hand. There are two possibilities here: 1) one of the video cards; 2) the system. Since you state that the cards work fine individually, the issue could be system related. However, can you get... [Read More]