ASP.NET MVC - First Use

I've been using the ASP.NET MVC extensions tonight; this is the first time I've played with it.  My initial reaction is a bit mixed. The first thing that I got irritated by was that I cannot use any of the ASP.NET validator controls.  I was creating a login form with... [Read More]

TortoiseSVN Global Ignores

I have configured global ignores for TortoiseSVN.  This helps me omit the bin and obj folders as well as other user-level files.  There's no sense in putting those into the code trunk. Then enter: bin obj *.suo *.user Release Debug [Read More]

AQdevTeam - Crash Editing Permissions

We use AQdevTeam for internal task tracking as well as for Quality Assurance Problem Report (QAPR) items.  Not long ago, we started getting an error whenever we try to edit item permissions. Here are the reproduction steps: Click on Administration->Permissions Select a project Click on Permissions After clicking leaving this... [Read More]
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Larry's Any Text File Indexer

For you Google Desktop users out there (it should be all of you), be sure to grab Larry's Any Text File Indexer.  This allows me to search code files quickly when VS.NET isn't running.