Custom Controls Everywhere and ASP.NET MVC, part 0

As I referenced last night, I've been advocating "custom controls everywhere" for a long, long time.  I don't approve of using the <asp:Textbox> control or <asp:DataGrid> control, or pretty much any others.  Instead, these controls should be inherited, and the derived controls should be used. There are many reasons for... [Read More]

Self-Validating Form Controls

Ever since I started working with ASP.NET, back in v1.0 Beta 1, I've been creating self-validating form controls.  I've gone through a few iterations with them, but overall, the concept has stayed the same. Here's a fun link to an archive of the old Cincinnati .NET user group.  It shows... [Read More]

VS.NET Find In Files Hangs on Vista

Today, I am embarking upon my global search and replace to change 13,000 lines of code.  But I have had a problem with VS 2003 on my Vista machine -- it likes to hang when I use Find in Files or Replace in Files. Google to the rescue.  I very... [Read More]