Headless Horseplay - MediaSmart Home Server Status Indicators

I am working on a Family Photos application that organizes digital pictures into a chronological structure.  I had created thrown together an application like this years ago, but it was no longer going to cut it, especially with the new Windows Home Server in the mix.  One key requirement for... [Read More]

Pushups Challenge - I'll take the bait

I had seen a few folks talk about the hundredpushups plan, and Rob Conery's post piqued my interest a little more than others.  Maybe it was just the recurrence that made me pay more attention, dunno.  But all I was really interested in doing was seeing how many push-ups I... [Read More]

Tech City Bowl Follow-up and Reviews on Blogs

I wanted to write a follow-up post to say that a manager from Tech City Bowl posted a comment on my blog only a couple of days after I posted my rant about an experience there.  He has offered a solution to our predicament that I feel is quite satisfactory,... [Read More]

Virtual PC – Drag and Drop Feature

Sometimes you just have to try something, even though you can’t imagine that it will work.  Usually, the result is slight disappointment that the software didn’t anticipate what you wanted to do, but occasionally the process yields pure joy.  Virtual PC just gave me such joy. I have a virtual... [Read More]
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