Custom Controls Everywhere and ASP.NET MVC, incomplete

I appreciate all of the interest in this article series and I apologize that I've not finished it yet.  I'd like to offer my excuse, although you might not see it as a valid one.  And I'll share my plans for completing the article series. When I started writing this... [Read More]

Being forced into retirement

Over the course of my career, I've had many projects get forced into retirement, for many different reasons.  During my years of self-employment, we created sites and applications for lots of small businesses.  I learned during this time that small businesses are very volatile and our hard work on an... [Read More]

Installing VS 2008 SP1 and I’m bored

Before leaving last night, I uninstalled all of the appropriate bits, and then fired off the installation for VS 2008 SP1.  I had heard it took a couple of hours, so I wanted to let it do its work while I was gone. This morning, I arrived to find that... [Read More]