The Blame Game

I seem to be hearing a lot of democrats saying that we should be avoiding the blame game at this time, and we should just be solving the issues at hand. They are saying this while they try to craft bills to take more money from the taxpayers to fix... [Read More]

Darwinism Politics

So, after congress worked so hard last week to reach a tentative agreement, it ended up getting rejected. I actually found enjoyment in this event; it was so ironic to see this bailout bill fail after all those jerks got in front of us and applauded themselves for doing such... [Read More]

Political Rant – Blogger Blog Reopened

I’ve reopened my blogger blog so that I could post a political rant without putting this blog.  I’ll probably post some more, but I won’t give any further announcements of such.  If you care to read what I had to say, here’s the link. [Read More]

Congress: "Working Hard"

Following my wife's lead, I decided to use my blogger blog to post rants about our political system, instead of littering my main blog with the off-topic posts. My blog at is mainly a technical blog, and I don't want to distract my readers there with politics. Oh, and... [Read More]

Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha - Layout Cycle Detected

Continuing my series of gotchas for Silverlight 2, I wanted to talk about a common error that people are seeing.  This error is something new that you might see when moving code from Beta 2 to the Release Candidate or later.  In Beta 2, if the layout engine detected a... [Read More]