Mirroring output to console and a file

I’ve been doing some more batch file work recently.  I keep getting frustrated that batch files don’t have a way to send output to both the console and a file.  I decided to write a little console application to do this for me. This is largely untested – it’ll be... [Read More]
Tags: Batch files

Creating Derived Class Instances using MEF

I am building an extensible application that can handle any kind of product data.  Back in February, I started looking into a Generic Data Model for Custom Product Types.  After getting some feedback from my blog, on StackOverflow, and having some conversations with a few people, here’s the schema that... [Read More]
Tags: MEF

I might like IE8 Accelerators after all

I was completely annoyed by IE8’s accelerators until just a few moments ago.  I like this, very much: So long merriam-webster.com search provider (which is so unusable that I’m not even going to make that a link). [Read More]

Quickly Change Profiles in Visual Studio

Phil Haack was at my desk today and saw something that I’ve set up in Visual Studio 2008 for quickly changing my profile.  It’s a trick that Sara Ford taught us in her infamous Visual Studio Tip of the Day series.  I use toolbar buttons to quickly change profiles in... [Read More]