DomainDataSource – Defining Its Limits

With the .NET RIA Services July 2009 Preview, the DomainDataSource now enables some scenarios that were previously blocked.  Most namely, we now allow you to change your current page while there are pending changes in the data.  Editing and paging seemed like a common enough scenario that we wanted to... [Read More]

Async Validation with .NET RIA Services and DataForm

Please note… this post is out-dated and all of the madness below is no longer needed in order to implement Async Validation with RIA Services.  Please see the new post for the current approach. The Birth of QuickSilverlight.Validation Over on the .NET RIA Services forums, “SilverlightRIA” asked about performing asynchronous... [Read More]

Partial Guids as Random Passwords

Warning: this post is almost a complete waste of time. Read at your own risk. Years ago, my team was working on a feature that required random passwords to be generated, hundreds at a time. While discussing different techniques for doing this, one of the guys suggested just using a... [Read More]

Making ViewModel Easier

Glenn Block and I have been working together on the ViewModel pattern.  We’ve been trying to identify the biggest pain points associated with the pattern, with the goal of adding framework support to alleviate the pain.  Tonight, Glenn posted, “View Model” – the movie, cast your vote. I decided to... [Read More]