Creating Subset Solutions in Visual Studio

I’m a big fan of project references in Visual Studio.  They make development very easy and you never have to fight stale DLLs and wonder why on earth the code you just changed isn’t being reflected in a referencing project.  But I’ve always had a gripe about how project references... [Read More]

Math.Min and Math.Max are Backwards

Every time I need to prevent a value from going under a minimum or going over a maximum, I have to stop and think about how to use the Math API.  If I want to supply a max value, I need to use Math.Min; and conversely, if I want to... [Read More]

FeedBurner Transition Completed

Well, the transition didn’t go smoothly.  I was getting 404 errors from my feed after the transition completed.  I ended up having to disable the MyBrand feature and then activate it again, and the feed immediately worked thereafter. I’m hoping that my subscriber count gets back to where it should... [Read More]