Quickly Change Profiles in Visual Studio

Phil Haack was at my desk today and saw something that I’ve set up in Visual Studio 2008 for quickly changing my profile.  It’s a trick that Sara Ford taught us in her infamous Visual Studio Tip of the Day series.  I use toolbar buttons to quickly change profiles in... [Read More]

Just Click OK

Something that has always nettled me is watching someone go into a properties dialog, make their changes, click Apply, and then OK.  You do realize that you can just click OK, right?  OK will apply your changes and close the window.  Why did you hit Apply and then OK? I... [Read More]

Shipping Software

Shipping software is hard.  It can sometimes be just as intense (or more so) than writing the software.  For many months, my team at Microsoft has been working on some great new features in Silverlight 3 and the Silverlight 3 SDK.  I had the pleasure of working to prepare our... [Read More]