Partial Guids as Random Passwords

Warning: this post is almost a complete waste of time. Read at your own risk. Years ago, my team was working on a feature that required random passwords to be generated, hundreds at a time. While discussing different techniques for doing this, one of the guys suggested just using a... [Read More]

Making ViewModel Easier

Glenn Block and I have been working together on the ViewModel pattern.  We’ve been trying to identify the biggest pain points associated with the pattern, with the goal of adding framework support to alleviate the pain.  Tonight, Glenn posted, “View Model” – the movie, cast your vote. I decided to... [Read More]

Mirroring output to console and a file

I’ve been doing some more batch file work recently.  I keep getting frustrated that batch files don’t have a way to send output to both the console and a file.  I decided to write a little console application to do this for me. This is largely untested – it’ll be... [Read More]
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Creating Derived Class Instances using MEF

I am building an extensible application that can handle any kind of product data.  Back in February, I started looking into a Generic Data Model for Custom Product Types.  After getting some feedback from my blog, on StackOverflow, and having some conversations with a few people, here’s the schema that... [Read More]
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