Sharing Source with Silverlight

I am one of the proud folks that gets to work on the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations assembly.  This assembly is used by several products, and it seems more are starting to depend on it.  Part of the fun with this assembly is that it exists for both Silverlight (as of Silverlight 3),... [Read More]

Not Breaking on ValidationException (take 2)

Awhile back, I blogged about how Silverlight uses Validation Exceptions, which can cause the debugger to break.  I showed how to prevent that from happening, but the solution was less than ideal. Someone named rlodina commented on the post: What about manual adding: System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotation.ValidationException in this list. This comment has been... [Read More]


There have been a couple of discussions on the .NET RIA Services Forums regarding the DomainDataSource.DataView property.  Colin Blair tossed in a comment that relates to something we’re working on: This looks like as good a place as any to say I would like to see the actual object behind... [Read More]

DomainDataSource – Defining Its Limits

With the .NET RIA Services July 2009 Preview, the DomainDataSource now enables some scenarios that were previously blocked.  Most namely, we now allow you to change your current page while there are pending changes in the data.  Editing and paging seemed like a common enough scenario that we wanted to... [Read More]